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Box Stock Project 196cc Engine and Torque Specifications

Posted by ARC Racing on 3rd Jan 2019

Type: 4 Stroke OHV single cylinder

Displacement: 196cc (12ci)

Bore and stroke: 68mm x 54mm

Compression ratio: 8.5:1

Oil capacity: 14-16oz full synthetic (racing applications)

Clearances and Dimensions

Piston to cylinder wall: .0035-.0045"

Piston ring end gap: .008-.012"

Crankshaft pin diameter: 1.179-1.180"

Connecting rod: Big end bore 1.1825-1.183", small end bore .709"

Rod to crank clearance: .0025-.003"

Crankshaft end play: .010-.015"

Valve lash: .001-.002"

Piston to cylinder head: .030"

Piston to valves: .050"

Torque Values

Stock OEM connecting rod bolt: 10ft-lb (120in-lb)

Cylinder head bolt: 18ft-lb (216in-lb)

Flywheel nut: 65ft-lb Ultra light: 55ft-lb

Rocker arm lock nut: 7ft-lb (84in-lb)

Sidecover bolt: 17ft-lb (204in-lb)

Exhaust stud nut: 17ft-lb (204in-lb)