Harbor Freight Ghost 212cc

Posted by Jody Powell on 25th Aug 2022

I know there are a bunch of YouTube and Forum videos/write ups on the Predator 212cc Ghost engine, but none by me yet lol. We’ve had this engine on the dyno and done some tuning as well as a few part swaps. I’m not going to get into the topics the others used or the power it did/didnt make, however what I will get into is using one of our billet flywheels on this engine. As most of you know the Ghost is a Ducar style 212cc engine with a Chinese copy of a Briggs Animal slide carb, a slightly different cam profile, factory top plate and most importantly a 6000 RPM Rev limiting coil. This engine comes with your standard looking cast iron flywheel but it has one major difference from all the other cast iron flywheels. The timing key is cut at a different location because the rev limiting coil has a much different trigger point than the regular Predator or Clone coils do. This means that the Ghost rev limiting coil will not work with any of our current billet flywheels. In order to use an ARC billet flywheel on the Ghost 212cc engine you will need to change to a standard Predator, Clone or Honda coil. Just a reminder that if you do change to a standard Predator or Clone coil with an ARC billet flywheel, it will no longer be rev limited by the ignition. So a billet rod would also be in order. Here is a parts list of the billet and replacement parts for the Ghost 212cc engine… 

Billet Flywheels… 6619, 6689, 6602 

Predator/Clone coil… DJ-1260 

Billet Rod for Ghost piston… 6773

Billet Rods for Hemi Flattop piston… 6269, 6270, 6271

Hemi Flattop piston kit… DJ-1285PH

Cams… any cam for Honda/Clone/Hemi engine

Billet Sidecover… 6057 

Head Gasket… DJ-1310TP for .040” thick DJ-1310PH for .010” thick

Sidecover Gasket… DJ-1338 

All of these parts can be found on our website at arcracing.com or through our sales/tech line at 800-521-3560.