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Harbor Freight Predator 224cc

Harbor Freight Predator 224cc

Posted by Jody Powell on 25th Aug 2022

A little break down and measurements of the new Predator 224cc engine. I am only going to highlight the performance parts that will work on this engine to help keep the confusion down. The 224cc engine is 70mm bore and 58mm stroke. 

Flywheel… this engine takes any of the current flywheels for the Honda/Clone engine. Such as the 6619, 6689 and 6602 models. The OEM starter cup engaged great with a 6619 on this engine. 

Connecting Rod… it has the Honda/Clone crank journal of 1.180”, but if you are using the OEM 224cc piston you will need the ARC 6773 connecting rod because of the .716” wrist pin. If you plan on switching to a Hemi Flat Top with a .709” wrist pin you can use either of the ARC 6269, 6270 or 6271 connecting rods. Block and cam clearancing may be needed. Wiseco pistons at the 2.756”(#11132p94) bore size will use an ARC 6234(3.595" C/C) drop in long rod, piston may be required to be cut to achieve desired deck height. The ARC 6268 long rod can not be used with this engine because of the added stroke. 

Cam Shaft… it takes any of the current Honda/Clone cam shafts

Valves… this engine has 5.5mm valve stems and 27/25mm valve heads with OEM style clip on Clone retainers. This means the current shelf stock 5.5mm stainless valves and retainer kits can be used.

Valve Cover… it is a nice looking black Non Hemi style cover, but any valve cover from a Honda/Clone should fit. 

Head… the head is a Clone style head with decent ports that can be worked well. It has a 22ishcc combustion chamber and Clone dowel pins that work with Hemi style head gaskets. However a 26lb or less spring is all the can be used with the current spring pocket design on the intake side. You will need to have the pockets cut wider and deeper to use 36lb or dual springs. Head also has OEM Clone style 1:1ish rocker arms

Piston… the piston is dished and has a .716” wrist pin. Good news is it takes the current Non Hemi Predator rings. 

Block… the block looked like a standard Ducar style block at first. The piston was .006” in the hole at TDC, but this may vary from engine to engine. It takes any of the Honda/Clone style top plates, side cover gaskets, and billet side covers such as the ARC 6057. However I did notice that the dowel pin on the top side of the block was much smaller than normal, and the bottom did not even have a dowel pin hole. The top one can be still drilled out to proper size, but sorry on the bottom. 

All other OEM add on parts like coil, header, carb, carb adapter, chain guard/heat shield, spark plug, lifters and clutch from a Honda/Clone, Ducar, Tillotson or Hemi should work just fine. 

If you have any other questions regarding the new 224cc Predator engine, you can call the tech line at 800-521-3560 or email us at