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Track Tac®

  • 9841 Track Tac BTGP

    9841 Track Tac BTGP

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - Do you use "goat p" on your tires? "Better Than Goat P" - Red is a product that is safer to handle, better for your tires, and produces almost identical results as "goat p," WITHOUT that nasty smell! Drops durometer 5-35 pts...

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  • 9842 SQS Track Tac

    9842 SQS Track Tac

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - Soft Quick and Sticky! Designed to be used when the temperature falls below 45*. It dries quickly. It will soften some and it makes the tires sticky when cold. Excellent for cold conditions when SAA-Grape is used as a base...

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  • 9844 GK-1 Blue

    9844 GK-1 Blue

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - An almost odorless tire softener that is less aggressive than BTGP-Red. Allows better control in incrementally stepping down the hardness of a tire so you don't go too far too fast. Drops durometer 5-25 pts. depending on the...

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  • 9847 Black Sand

    9847 Black Sand

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - A "bite" producing chemical for hot, "dry slick" tracks. When you need something to bite through the dust, that won't overly soften the tire and lock you down. Track Tac® Black Sand is recommended for HOT, DRY, SLICK...

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  • 9848 SAA-Grape

    9848 SAA-Grape

    MUST SHIP UPS GROUND - A powerful softener with a light grape odor second only in strength to BTGP-Red, but unlike BTGP-Red, it is specifically designed to provide extra sticky tread under cold conditions especially below 45*. To get extra bite when...

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